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Logan Stampings, Inc., (Indiana) has acquired the assets and business of Building Products Development (Oklahoma). For more than 25 years, Logan Stampings has served as a major supplier of products for the metal building industry by manufacturing metal roof clips and accessory components for all metal roofing panel systems and buildings in the marketplace. With this acquisition, LSI will further improve the quality and scope of those activities.

Founded in 2002, to develop and produce state-of-the-art products for the metal construction industry, BPD specializes in designing, manufacturing and testing a wide variety of clips that outperform others in the industry to accommodate the needs of its customers. Its accomplishments include the development of standing seam clips with exceptional performance that can easily be adapted to fit almost any standing seam profile.

In its new role as a division of LSI, BPD will have the capability to offer products to customers ranging in size from large manufacturers all the way down to small, on-site roll formers, with the ability to provide a faster turnaround on all orders, flexibility for order revisions, direct contact, improved communication, expanded shipping capabilities, large clip inventory as well as same day shipping.

LSI's core business as a supplier to the construction industry will remain integral to the company. Through its implementation of a more sophisticated approach to sales, marketing, and business management, LSI will significantly increase its revenue, market share and product scope. By also aggressively expanding its metal roof clip business capabilities, LSI is positioned to meet the strong marketplace demand for high-quality metal building products.

New Website for Jobsite Ordering

BPD is launching a brand new website that will allow customers to order clips and other products online, day or night, or even on the jobsite. This online ordering guidance system allows customers 24/7 access to our existing and expanded product lines at the click of a button. Through Clip Finder, customers can select their machine type, profile and style of clips, then Clip Finder will narrow down the compatible products so there is no guesswork involved. By creating a company profile you can save all of your information, preferences, contacts, shipping addresses, along with the ability to view and track orders, anytime, anywhere.